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I am happy to introduce you to our new brand and BLOG series, “IT HAPPENS.”

I am Jordon Mullen, a Mortgage Agent with, MORTGAGE ARCHITECTS.

I have been working in the Mortgage Industry for 11 years.

My career started with Financial Institutions. I approved mortgages.

Now I sit on the other side of the desk and work with individuals and families to achieve their financial goals by providing financial solutions right for All their Life Moments.

Life happens. Right?

Whether you’re planning your first home, fixing your credit, balancing your expenses through pets and kids or looking towards, or are in your retirement, life is always happening. And every one of our team members is here to help with your financial solutions. So just come as you are. You are always welcome.

I was born and raised in the Mortgage Industry for those who don't know me.

My mother, Donna Mullen, has been a Mortgage Broker for as long as I can remember. I have witnessed firsthand how working with the right Mortgage Broker can enhance your life and cash flow. And they empower you with knowledge and education to make the right decisions for your Life Moment.

Practical information that can help.

This series will give examples and case studies of real Life Moments with the good, the not-so-good, the bad, and the unexpected!

It’s not just about a mortgage; these blogs will help educate you on how these situations can drastically change a mortgage approval and answer some hard questions you may have regarding Mortgage Rules and Hot Headlines that will help prepare you or someone you know for financial success.

Stay tuned!

Keep your eyes open and ears listening for our first “IT Happens” video on YouTube. It's coming in the next few weeks.

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