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Stop Struggling to Make Mortgage Payments.

Interest Rates continue to rise.
Rising Interest Rates.

Interest rates keep going up and up. This means that variable-rate mortgages have increased. The steady rate increase has affected many hard-working Canadians and their ability to make their mortgage payments. (Based on the current Bank of Canada Rate increase on June 7th, 2023.)

How can Canadians afford this?

Well, they’re not! There are many in our community struggling to make mortgage payments.

When will the interest rate increase end? We wish we knew! We have nothing in history that can indicate what will happen next.

What does this mean for you?

As a variable-rate mortgage client, you have a choice:

1. Choose to ride the ups and downs with the variable rate.


2. Move to a fixed-rate mortgage which may help bring peace of mind for the remaining amount of your term.

So how do you make this choice?

You can contact your lender and find out the lock-in fixed rate you are offered on your current mortgage today. OR call us at (705-429-5492) or email us the breakdown. We can do some math for you as to what the new mortgage payments will be.

You can then decide if you feel comfortable:

  • Locking into a fixed-rate

  • Riding out the variable-rate

  • Switching to another lender for a better rate.

Even though we’ve seen an increase in the past few years, today's rates are still historically low. But with the uncertainty about what could happen, you may get peace of mind by having a mortgage check-in.

We’ve helped others struggling with monthly payments.

Stop struggling to make payments.
We've help others struggling.

We want to ensure that your home is something you are happy about and not causing you to worry. Many people are in the same position, and we’ve helped them.

Even if you are in a fixed-rate mortgage, you should increase your monthly payment to help better prepare you for a possible payment shock come renewal.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a call or time with us today at (705) 429-5492


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